The Red Tailed Phascogale is an iconic species for our region. Having dissapeared from the rest of arid Australia, Wagin & Woodanilling remain a vital stronghold for this species. This animal is also our emblem at WWLZ appearing on our logo. Listed under the EPBC (Environmental Protection & Biodiversity Conservation) Act as Vulnerable, this species is found primarily among sheoak woodlands where hollow forming trees such as wandoo are found.



Hooded plovers are generally found along coastlines living on beach dunes in other parts of Australia, however in the South West alone, they can often be found at inland salt lakes and can be found around the Wagin and Woodanilling lakes systems. They are a tiny bird usually seen in small groups or pairs that darts around very quickly and feeds on macroinvertebrates and insects.



Though Red Tail’s are more commonly found to the west of Wagin/Woodanilling, there are small groups who do come through the area feeding on small pockets of Marri trees and various other Euc. species. These cocky’s are easily identified by their large size and distinct red plumage in the tail. Young cocky’s plumage also includes a dazzling variety of yellow spots throughout their body.