Genevieve Harvey - NRM Officer

Gen completed Conservation and Land Management training through TAFE and went on to be a conservation employee with (then) Department of Environment & Conservation, now Dept Parks and Wildlife, for 3 years in Ravensthorpe which provided a huge amount of experience in everything from fauna trapping, conservation and relocations and fire management through to fighting dieback and national parks management.  Leaving DEC, she moved to the Gillamii Centre in Cranbrook as the Project Officer for 5 years, here she managed a range of projects from weed control, fauna surveying, dieback assessments, revegetation and fencing, agricultural trials and more. Also gained significant experience in coordinating events such as ag based field days, fauna nightstalks, ladies day bus tours and schools excursions.

Moving to Wagin to take on the role of NRM Officer at WWLZ in 2015 she has developed this experience further undertaking a variety of projects including indigenous collarboration, expansion of trials work and so much more. Gen loves living in Wagin and hopes to maintain funding into the future to secure the position here.

Management Committee

The Committee is the driving force behind all of our activities and is made up of stakeholders from the community, landholders, agency and local government representation. We work with our Zone Action Plan which identifies community goals and targets for managing our assets including remnant vegetation, waterways, water quality, sustainable agriculture and people.

We meet when bi-monthly to discuss incentive funding, community programs, community engagement and any other exciting current topics within the natural resource management space.

Our current Management Committee:

Trevor Young, Shire of Woodanilling Councilor, Woodanilling Community member, Chairperson

Peter Webster, CEO, Shire of Wagin.

Stephen Gash, CEO, Shire of Woodanilling.

Bryan Kilpatrick, Shire of Wagin Councilor, Wagin Community Member.

Peter Cumming, Wagin Community Representative

Richard Pickford, Woodanilling Community Representative