WWLZ are currently working on a suite of very different projects. If you have any suggestions you would like to put forward for activities in the area, please get in touch with us.


  • We are currently involved in a project partnering with Shire of Kent and Greening Australia (GA) to deliver small fencing and revegetation programs that will utilise the new direct seeding forage/native vegetation method GA has begun to implement.




  • With DBCA no longer undertaking reserve management, we are taking on some activities in this area. Currently we have 2 State NRM Office funded projects working on a number of reserves. Bridal Creeper management on Badjarning Hill and tidying up reserves around Wagin townsite, including rubbish removal, weeding, planting seedlings using a university team and erecting signage to educate the community on impacts of rubbish dumping.













  • Our Pollinators project in partnership with South West Catchments Council is a program examining the species of pollinators that impact canola production in stands of native vegetation on farms. This includes insects, birds and mammals and wants to determine what is found within these bush areas, and whether they are positive pollinators. Also what times of the year they are present, and what is flowering in that native vegetation throughout the year. The aim of this is to give native vegetation stands some quantative value in terms of production, and also to guide new plantings to cater for flowering species all year round to encourage beneficial pollinators to stay on farm.








  • We are working with South Coast NRM to deliver a rabbit management project. This has incorporated providing members of the community with the means to deliver release of the K5 Calici virus, educational workshops accompanying the distribution of K5 vials and promotional works in the media.
  • We have an upcoming fox baiting project in partnership with the Shire of Kent where by we will be aiding landholders with securing permits and baits for a fox management program.